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Blog LifeClever has a post on how to get the Mac look (you know, from those commercials?). It’ll only cost you around $160. They also have a few tips on how to “Complete the look”: Stand with your hands in your pockets a lot, but keep the thumbs out Avoid jewelry and extra decoration. Minimal […]

Apparently the Wii, formerly the Nintendo Revolution, will be released November 19th, for $250. Nintendo released that it would be going for $250 or less, which everyone immediately thought would mean $249.99. They were right. Nintendo also released a game-release schedule, which some people immediately thought must mean that the Wii would come out October […]

As you might have heard,there are some new iPods on the block: First, the “new” video iPod: With an upgraded battery life and a maximum 80 gigs, these changes are good, but not as drastic as what’s next.

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