iTink iTaw a new iPod


As you might have heard,there are some new iPods on the block:

First, the “new” video iPod: With an upgraded battery life and a maximum 80 gigs, these changes are good, but not as drastic as what’s next.

The “Completely Remastered” Nano: New aluminum casing, just like the mini used to have. I hope this solves the scratch issues the first generation (1G) had. Also, a new maximum of 8GB flash memory. Apple doesn’t have the title “Most storage on a flash DAP (digital audio player)” yet, as the Sandisk Sansa e280 meets the Nano with 8GB internal, but bests it in the fact that you can expand the storag eup to 2 gigs more with a microSD card. The Sansa was announced first, but the Nano is first to ship.

Lastly, the new Shuffle: largely expanding the 1G’s “wearability” factor, the new Shuffle is the world’s smallest MP3 player, a title Apple can hold, taking the glory away from the Mobiblu DAH-1500i. If you ask me, this thing looks tight, although still no screen.

One day after the announcement, someone’s already gotten a hands-on with the new Nano. Apple had the coloring right the first time, though — anything other than black or white looks ugly.

I’m sticking with my e260, which does everything the Nano can do, plus it has FM and Voice recording, and plays video.



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