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Our top story today: next-generation gaming. In a recent turn of events, the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii have or will be launched soon. The PS3, which boasts 1080p graphics, Blu-Ray, and the acclaimed Cell processor, was launched yesterday, Nov. 17, for a small sum of $600. Tomorrow the already-famous Nintendo Wii will launch […]

Wiinjuries: Getting Hurt Playing Nintendo Wii Lol. I still want one. technorati tags:Wii, Injuries, Wiimote, Funny Blogged with Flock

Those guys at Cnet must have a lot of fun. Most recently they put the two newest chips, Intel’s [Quad Core] Core 2 Extreme QX6700, in a brand-new Mac Pro. 8 cores, on a Mac. The best computer ever. It really owned the regular, dual dual-core Mac Pro, along with a PC running on 1 […]

Technigma is now a website. Starting today, at the address you can now access the official Technigma website. OK, so it’s not a dot com name, and it only has a couple of skins for Rainlendar for now, but more is coming. Technigma – Main Page technorati tags:Website Blogged with Flock

Hey there, sorry for the long wait 4 a new post. I have three drafts saved on wordpress, a new 1 will be here b the end of the week. Technigma technorati tags:Wait, Thanks Blogged with Flock