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Merry Christmas!!!!!!!111 Okay, maybe it’s a little late, but it’s the thought that counts (isn’t it?). I got a case for my Razr, some clothes, and new ‘phones for my Sansa. What did you get? Advertisements

It’s out! Get the best apps of 2006 now! A few of them are a surprise to me, like Parallels. Boot Camp and Crossover X are better (I hear). Firefox 2 didn’t make it, but FoxMarks did. But why don’t you check it out for yourself, before I tell you all of them? The Best […]

Well, I finished it. After Real Vista, I took it a step further. Vista-like reflections. It’s done thanks to Thoosje and his Vista PSD. View the readme for more details. Download here. Completing the lack of realistic Vista skins for Rainlendar. Note: does not work with Rainlendar 2. Leave a comment if you can help […]

The 10 Best Operating System Upgrades Ever – Cio Central Browsing ’round and found this cool link. Enjoy!

New domain name


Hey, a quick update here. You can now reach us at A real domain name.