The iPhone Lives!



The iPhone is alive!!! Mwahahaha!!!!

And so is the wide-, touch-screen iPod.

Using the new Apple technology Multi-touch, there are NO buttons on the iPhone. They say it’s the smartest smartphone. I say it is U-G-L-Y when turned off.


P.S. It’s on Cingular for all you Cingular people. ****, I’m on Verizon


4 Responses to “The iPhone Lives!”

  1. How much do you think they will cost i hope i can get a cheap iphone but something tells me that there goner cost a fair bit of money.

  2. Heck yeah it’s expensive!

    400 smackers for a 4 gb version, 600 for the 8 gb.

  3. Just checked, actually it’s $500 for the 4 gig version, not 400.

  4. 4 Snexlex

    I hope this will make my Cingular stocks go up so I make some money on it 🙂

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