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Our favorite source for h4xxored stuff, Bittorrent, is now all legit. They announced their move to being unillegal a month or so ago, and implemented it yesterday. Similarly, Last.FM was down last time I went there, but they say they’re just cleaning out their database. You can still get h4xxored torrents from Yotoshi, but you […]

While, after seeing the “EVO Launch Sequence Initiated!” story on the front of for 17 days, they finally followed through. Beta, which is available to members only at this point, is a big upgrade. On the front page, the news and latest discussion is on the left, with shiny RSS buttons for the […]

I am making a new site for skinning. It will host links to skins, show off my own, and have guides for n00bs. I’m planning on having it go live sometime this week. If you’re interested in helping with it (writing guides or posts, putting up links, etc.), leave a comment. Check out a preview […]

Slow weekend…


*YAWN* it’s been a slow weekend for something good to post. has initiated their 2.0 launch sequence, keeping me from posting Vista Cal v2,  Intel demoed an 80-core processor, and Patrick Star is running for President. I had time to make a new header (look above) and do nothing. Hopefully something exciting will happen […]

Have you ever dared yourself not to use Google when you search? I have, for a while now. Along the way I’ve discovered a bunch of different engines, but not as many as the list of ‘100 Alternative Search Engines‘ at Read/WriteWeb. They aren’t listing ‘classics’ such as AltaVista because, to make the list, they […]

With Vista having been released a few weeks ago, some people may have forgotten the reason why it’s called the ‘Start Button’: it used to say start on the button. I do say the Vista flag orb looks better than its predecessors, but there is less area for you to click. Anywho, check out a […]

Yeah, it’s true. By the time iPhone gets released, it won’t look so futuristic anymore. Another iPhone ripoff competitor has been unveiled by Samsung, called the Ultra Smart F700. Looks like the iPhone, doesn’t run OS X, blah blah all the usual “not the iPhone” garble. Check out pics here.