Hands-on Vista


Today I went to the store and got to see Vista, live! It looks a lot better than it seems.

First, the Aero graphics. It all ran smoothly on the designed-for-Vista boxes there, so I don’t know ’bout smoothness on upgrading machines. The reflections work different than I thought: instead of being a standard graphic, there are different ones depending on the location of the window. To see what I mean, look at this OSXVista Flash toy. When you move the window, the reflections change. The color variations are all nice, including a transparency slider.

Explorer is nice, but I didn’t get much chance to check out that or the sidebar. The right-click menu for the desktop has changed, featuring new menus and, instead of properties, it says ‘Customize’ (if I remember correctly). Changing the wallpaper couldn’t have been more smooth; double-click on the one of choice and it changes it instantly. The included ones (that you probably already have) are much improved. No more ‘Moon Flower’, instead you get the Aurora Borealis.

That’s all for now, cuz I only tried it for a short bit. I’d say, in the short look I had, if you’re still contemplating the switch, at least try it out at the store.


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