100 Different Search Engines


Have you ever dared yourself not to use Google when you search? I have, for a while now. Along the way I’ve discovered a bunch of different engines, but not as many as the list of ‘100 Alternative Search Engines‘ at Read/WriteWeb. They aren’t listing ‘classics’ such as AltaVista because, to make the list, they have to have been updated within the past year. (I cannot believe I get to use the ‘100 Things‘ tag again!)

When you’re done checking out Ask X, look at some of these off the list:

Like – it finds stuff (mainly clothes) by comparing them to what’s in a photo.

SearchMash – Google’s testing grounds, it has Google’s results in an updated interface

WhoNu? – I’m going to be trying this – it puts site-specific tools from engines like Google and Ask all together, plus a plethora of other tools that I have no idea what they do. They also let you search a ton of different engines from their site, all in a shiny AJAX interface.

Url.com – a little like the late search engine Huckabuck, it searches a few Google, MSN, and Yahoo!, but the results are ranked by users. Apparently, my site gets a ‘Bullseye’, which means that when you search for ‘technigma’, it registers as the number one result on all three engines. Also, it seems that if you register (which I might be doing later), it will take you directly there. Kinda like ‘I’m feeling lucky’, but more betterer.


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