EVO launched!


While, after seeing the “EVO Launch Sequence Initiated!” story on the front of for 17 days, they finally followed through. Beta, which is available to members only at this point, is a big upgrade. On the front page, the news and latest discussion is on the left, with shiny RSS buttons for the feeds, while the latest and greatest submissions greet you on the right. Popular links are on the top, tab style, and the other ones, like profile settings, sit at the bottom. Everywhere you go, tag clouds are there (yeah, yeah, I’m working on it for this blog). When you click on a preview, the background fades and up comes a snazzy Lightbox image. When you click on “Browse”, a tag cloud appears with the categories. Users can add skins to their favorites (‘Like it’ or ‘Love it’) and the like. One thing that’s really interesting: sorting skins by color. They draw the most populous colors from the screenshot, and then list them. You can search or browse by color, a very innovative method. I finally was able to upload Vista Cal 2, and another skin I made, LH Aero, and Vista Cal 2 got a comment about 1 minute after the upload! I gotta go upload a screenshot, so keep an eye on my gallery. Check out a screenshot for non-members after the break.



One Response to “ EVO launched!”

  1. PERSEHNDETJE PERSEHNDETJE _ TE GJITHVE VIZITOR TE DASHUR – nejemi ktu per tju ndimuar per cahtin ton te bukur qe kemi zgjedhur per ju te dashur chatista besoj qe edhe ju do knaqeni nje nga faqet tona chatore ju FLM_PER RESPEKT_ nga operatori i juaj -MISTER2008

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