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MSN Cars has a list of Consumer Report’s top rated automobiles that cost less than $25,000. Most of the top-rated ones are close, though, at around 23k, while some are under 20k. Check it out Advertisements

Roto-Rooter is giving you a chance to win a “Pimped Out John“. It features a 20-Inch LCD TV, hooked up to an XBox 360 and a DVD Player; An eMachines laptop; Resistive Pedal Exerciser; Megaphone; Dual-Sided Magnification Mirror; Mini Fridge with Beer Tap; USB Powered Beverage Cooler and Warmer; Tivo; Roto-Rooter service button; and an […]

A Post…


After, what has it been, a week? With no new post, I kept on nagging myself to write something, so here is that something. Although it may be old, and you may have seen it already, here’s a video proving that VISTA DID NOT COPY OS X!!!1