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So the Photoshop tutorial was too hard, huh? Or do you want them bigger, smaller, alternating colors, with a shadow, or the other direction? Well then, this is the site for you! — make stripes, and nothing else. Advertisements

Splash screens from Windows 1.01 to Vista have changed a lot, see for yourself at ZDNet

Yeah, I am kinda crazy about new search engines. Yahoo!’s testing grounds, which is very similar to Google’s, was launched into public beta on the 4th. The name? Alpha. In beta. Everywhere the logo is “Alpha (beta)”. Confused yet? To add to the confusion, they let you put in an additional search engine to search […]

Ha ha April Fools! Regarding that last post, we weren’t really hacked! Well, otherwise, the new Mozilla Addons site was released a few days ago. It was updated with some Lightbox, a new UI, and a few other upgrades. Check it out 

U got h4ck3d by teh uber 1337 j_mac34. he pwned teh server and now pwns teh site!!!11 all ur base r belong 2 me!!!!!1