More New Search Engines, and an Updated Mac Pro!


Yeah, I am kinda crazy about new search engines. Yahoo!’s testing grounds, which is very similar to Google’s, was launched into public beta on the 4th. The name? Alpha. In beta. Everywhere the logo is “Alpha (beta)”. Confused yet?

To add to the confusion, they let you put in an additional search engine to search from, which would appear in a Netvibes-esque drag-and-droppable mini-window. They use a technology called OpenSearchRSS, which lets users search the search engine from an RSS feed or something…I don’t really understand it. Another thing I don’t understand is why it won’t work with OpenSearchRSS, it always says there is an error. Oh well, that’s why it’s in beta.

Another search engine I recently discovered is one called AfterVote (Younanimous). It seems like the principal is very much the same as; you search Google, MSN, and Yahoo! then rank the results so other users searching for the same thing will see the site that was what you wanted sooner.

In other news, remember that modded Mac Pro with 8 cores I blogged about way back in November? Well, Apple has updated the Pro and it is now configurable with 8, yes 8, cores. The top configuration costs more than some cars, but hey, bragging rights for the neighborhood is good too.


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