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Yeah, I am kinda crazy about new search engines. Yahoo!’s testing grounds, which is very similar to Google’s, was launched into public beta on the 4th. The name? Alpha. In beta. Everywhere the logo is “Alpha (beta)”. Confused yet? To add to the confusion, they let you put in an additional search engine to search […]

I like being Web 2.0, as you might be able to tell. Beta stickers and gradients are things I use every day. Lately I’ve been experimenting in Photoshop on some different logo designs, and have been searching the net for some good tutorials. If you’re a PS n00b, I’d recommend using tutorials to teach you […]

Wiinjuries: Getting Hurt Playing Nintendo Wii Lol. I still want one. technorati tags:Wii, Injuries, Wiimote, Funny Blogged with Flock

Technigma is now a website. Starting today, at the address you can now access the official Technigma website. OK, so it’s not a dot com name, and it only has a couple of skins for Rainlendar for now, but more is coming. Technigma – Main Page technorati tags:Website Blogged with Flock

What with the whole “Web 2.0” thing and all, we are becoming Web 2.0’d (according to the Web 2.0 validator‘s ruleset)